Kinship Carers

COUNCILLOR Bill Duff recently met with Jackie Lonie of Angus Kinship Carers who provide support and help to people who have become carers for relatives These are often grandparents or uncles/aunts if the natural parents are deceased or suffering from alcohol or drugs-related problems.

Angus Kinship Carers can assist with advice about financial assistance for carers, what benefits carers might be entitled to and give help with practical issues. There is also a carers group which has regular meeting and outings for those who need support at a difficult time.

Councillor Duff commented: “Angus Kinship Carers are doing a valuable job helping to keep families together and easing the burden on foster and care homes and I was pleased to hear about their work. I am happy to support them and recommend them to constituents.”

Angus Kinship carers can be contacted on 01241 877522 or 07763 842449.