Maternity care survey

What do you think about your local maternity care?

The MUMs (Maternity Users Montrose) group is looking to hear about your maternity care before, during and after the birth of your baby. Your feedback will help shape the maternity services in the communities around Montrose now and in the future.

There is also a search for new members to join the MUMs committee, so if you feel passionate about improving, safeguarding or promoting the Montrose Maternity Services, please let MUMs know.

The MUMs group is a dedicated committee comprising local parents, that acts as a voice for the maternity service users and aims to promote the local maternity services, and improve the service wherever possible.

At present, the midwives working within the Montrose Maternity Unit provide care for women and their families during the pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. The philosophy of care at the Montrose Maternity Unit is to be welcoming to parents, offering flexibility and accommodating parents’ needs. The focus is on building relationships with women and their families throughout the childbearing year, preparing them for labour and birth and parenthood beyond. The midwives believe in natural birth and women who choose to have their babies in Montrose experience a calming and relaxing environment during labour and birth, and they are encouraged and supported every step of the way.

The midwives have gained a number of awards for promoting normality in labour and birth, and they are specialists in waterbirths. The Montrose Unit welcomes women from the local community in Angus, Grampian and further afield. As well as being home to the midwives, the unit acts as a community hub running relaxation classes, pregnancy yoga classes, twin and multiples group, parenthood preparation classes and postnatal groups.

Through these classes and groups, women meet one another, form friendships and networks of support. The MUMs group is involved in supporting these groups and classes.

Your feedback of the service matters. The next committee meeting is on March 4 at 6pm. You are invited to share your ideas and thoughts and find out more about the group.

Alternatively contact us at