Midwives’ kindness


CHRISTMAS is a time for children, and the Montrose midwives have been thinking of babies born in Africa.

The team is sending its Christmas wishes further afield this year when, instead of sending Christmas cards to each other, the team will use the money saved to buy Safe Delivery Kits.

In countries where doctors are scarce, a traditional birth attendant can be equipped with a maternity kit to aid safe births.

These kits comprise basic sterile equipment and make a huge difference to help reduce infection. Included in the kit are soap, surgical gloves, clean sheets and, especially for when the baby is born, sterile razors and plastic clips to cut and secure the umbilical cord, sterile water for mopping up and swaddling cloth.

Team leader Phyllis Winters said: “We decided not to give Christmas cards to each other and instead to use the money to benefit mums and babies in countries where the maternity care is not so well developed.

“We are very grateful and appreciate the fantastic support the community maternity services receive from the people of Montrose all year round.

“Christmas brings home to us that there are many places in the world where pregnant women give birth in very difficult circumstances, and we wanted to reach out across the miles and give a little help to mums and babies to try to improve things for them.

“These Safe Delivery Kits include very basic items which we would take for granted.”