Midwives to screen film on human rights

In ANOTHER first for the award-winning midwife-led unit, Montrose Maternity will host one of 1,000 première screenings of a new film about birth and human rights.

The Montrose midwives are renowned for their high rates of waterbirth, belief in birth and support of women’s choices, but the hour-long documentary ‘Freedom for Birth: The Mothers’ Revolution’ shows that other women and midwives have a very different story to tell.

It includes the case of a Hungarian midwife, Ágnes Geréb, who is under house arrest because she supported women to give birth where they wanted to, at home.

The film features women, campaigners, midwives and doctors from around the world who agree with the European Court of Human Rights that every woman has the right choose the circumstances in which she gives birth to her child.

Montrose user representative Avril Nicoll says: “Twelve years ago the public across north Angus supported the Keep MUM (a Maternity Unit in Montrose) campaign and since then the unit has gone from strength to strength.

“This film is a shocking but inspiring reminder that not all women and midwives are so lucky, and that the kind of service we have in Montrose must never be taken for granted.”

Anyone with an interest in birth is welcome to come along to the première of the One World Birth film at the Links Hotel on Thursday, September 20, at 7.30pm.

There will be a charge of £3 to cover costs, and a paying bar.

Those attending are invited to stay for a short discussion at the end about the issues raised.

You can find out more about Montrose Maternity at www.birthinangus.org.uk or on the unit’s facebook page.

Further information about One World Birth films is at www.oneworldbirth.net