Montrosian met food blogger Deliciously Ella

Daisy Dunnet met Ella Mills, who is better known as Deliciously Ella.
Daisy Dunnet met Ella Mills, who is better known as Deliciously Ella.

An Angus woman met a famous blogger who inspired her to change her outlook on health after battling with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Daisy Dunnett, from Montrose, was thrilled when she heard Ella Mills, better known as Deliciously Ella, would be speaking at Women at the Heart of the Matter.

This was a charity lunch to raise awareness about heart disease in women, run by Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity.

Daisy’s mum had booked the lunch at the historic Apothecaries’ Hall as a birthday surprise for Daisy, a huge history fan.

But Daisy’s reasons for being excited about meeting Ella, who was diagnosed with a heart condition and has since become the face of healthy eating, has written a number one best-selling cookbook and writes a hugely popular blog, were different to your average foodie.

She is in recovery after a long battle with OCD and Ella’s blog inspired her to think about trying different things and changing her outlook.

She said: “My mum booked a ticket before I even knew Ella was speaking. When I heard she’d be there I was so excited. The event was unbelievable and it was really great to meet so many inspiring women.

“Ella’s story has really chimed with me as I’ve found nutrition to be a really important part of my recovery. OCD is incredibly debilitating, but I started reading Ella’s blog and her cookbook and it gave me added motivation to focus on other things.”

Ella was diagnosed in 2011 with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, a condition that causes the heart rate to increase abnormally rapidly when standing from sitting.

At the event, she spoke of how her journey to healthier eating reduced the symptoms of her condition: “The journey has been incredibly inspiring for me. I love empowering people, especially women, to feel great.”

Ella Mills joined 100 other successful women, including Baroness Boothroyd, at the Heart of the Matter lunch and auction.

The event was an success for Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity, raising more than £40,000.

The funds will be used to buy a piece of diagnostic equipment called an EndoPAT, which will allow cardiologists to test another 100 women each week at the women’s heart clinic at Royal Brompton.