NHS endowment fund renamed

Tayside Health Fund is the new name for the Tayside NHS Board Endowment Fund which has received donations and granted funds for projects for many decades. It is a registered charity.

The Fund is financed by donations and legacies from patients, families, carers, communities and other organisations.

Donations can be used for buying items that will make patients’ stay in hospital more comfortable, introducing pioneering ways of delivering care, providing funds for research projects, building new facilities or providing educational and training opportunities for staff.

Sandy Watson, NHS Tayside chairman and chair of the Fund’s Trustees, said: “The Fund makes a big difference to patients and their families and that is why we are grateful for every single penny.”

To donate online or for further information about the Fund including ways to donate, and help and advice about fund-raising, visit www.taysidehealthfund.scot.nhs.uk