NHS issue summer health tips

PEOPLE in Tayside are being urged to be ready for the summer by visiting www.nhsinform.co.uk for helpful tips and advice on staying safe and healthy in the summer months.

With the prospect of longer, warmer days ahead, people throughout the country will be spending more time outdoors. Scotland’s national telehealth service is urging people to seek advice on staying safe in the sun and managing the effects of hayfever.

Professor George Crooks, NHS 24’s medical director, says that by taking a few simple steps, people can ensure they make the most of the season.

He said: “It is always a good idea to be prepared as best you can for the better weather and the wide range of information available at www.nhsinform.co.uk can help you do just that.

“By taking just a few simple steps, we can all make the most of the good weather, without any ill effects. It is all too tempting, especially in Scotland, to overdo it in the sun and end up with painful sunburn. The sun that shines in Scotland, though, is the same sun that shines in the Mediterranean.

“I would advise people, particularly children and young infants, to take sensible precautions like limiting exposure to the direct sun, using sunscreen and drinking plenty of soft drinks.

“For many, this time of year also brings the misery of the hay fever season with it. Again, I would remind people that NHS inform provides information on the symptoms of the condition, as well as advice on minimising their effects.”

NHS inform contains a wide range of advice and information on summer health issues, with dedicated sections on sunburn, heatstroke, allergies and hay fever. Users can also search the common health questions’ section for advice on staying healthy during the summer months.