NHS Tayside is giving money away

NHS TAYSIDE has launched a pioneering £2 million fund to benefit communities across the Tayside area.

The cash4communities project will see members of the public able to apply for a share of the fund to take forward their own ideas to tackle some of the main challenges faced by people.

It is funded by the NHS Tayside Innovation Fund which was set up by NHS Tayside’s Board of Trustees, who approved £2 million to be designated from Tayside NHS Board Endowment Fund Unrestricted Funds to establish the Innovation Fund.

It was decided to set up the fund to try to help change communities for the better with the communities themselves coming forward with ideas on what they believe will make the greatest difference to their own health and wellbeing and the lives of their families.

NHS Tayside has asked people what they want to change about their lives and where they live.

The responses showed that people were not only concerned with their health but with problems on the streets, with housing, vandalism, feeling safe and having no clean, safe outdoor spaces to go with their families.

NHS Tayside is aware that these things can have a negative effect on people’s health and the way they feel.

That is why these funds are being made available.

Groups are invited to apply for a share of the funds between £500 and £35,000 on an annual basis to establish projects or take action to tackle issues which affect the everyday lives of people living in communities.

Anyone interested in applying should go to www.cash4communities.scot.nhs.uk to find an application form and guidance notes on who can apply, what they can apply for and how to fill in the form.