Pupils learn about saving lives

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Montrose Academy pupils have been taking the Heartstart course. And already one of them has helped save a man who collapsed in the street.

Rana Littlejohn was in High Street when a gentleman collapsed in front of her. She assisted, and the outcome was successful.

On Friday Heartstart certificates were presented to a number of S4 and S6 pupils who have completed the course.

The classes remain very popular at the Academy. Recently made available to S4 pupils and school leavers, numbers have boosted to more than 250 learning Basic Life Skills in the two years the course has been running.

Heartstart is delivered to pupils by Shona Walker, a Support for Learning Assistant at the school.

The school’s aim is that all pupils will have the opportunity to attend the Heartstart programme before they leave school..

The Heartstart programme is managed through the British Heart Foundation. It allows pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of basic life-saving.

Individuals who participate in the course learn what to do in the event of an unconscious casualty, a serious bleed, choking and heart attacks.

Participants are taught how to perform CPR procedures, how to maintain an airway, and how to put casualties into the recovery position.

These are valuable skills for any responsible citizen.

At regular intervals courses are held in Montrose for adults. These are usually flagged up in the editorial pages of the Montrose Review, with details of dates.

• The Editor is interested to know that an Academy pupil has helped save a life through Heartstart; does any reader who has attended a course have a similar tale, or has anyone been saved by a Heartstart ‘graduate’?