Safe crossing at railway nearly there


AFTER many months of waiting, the new bridge over the railway line at Montrose railway station is in the latter stages of construction.

Campaigners for the disabled were running out of patience at the absence of any 21st century way to get wheelchairs or prams over the line, either to the station or to board a train.

Passengers from the south who make use of wheelchairs were either trundled across wooden sleepers over the line, or on occasions had to continue in the train to Stonehaven where they could make a safe crossing, and then return south so they could alight at the correct side.

Over a lengthy period of time local councillors have been trying to push the project forward, and we asked for comments.

Councillor Mark Salmond said: “I am delighted that Montrose Railway Station will at last have 21st century passenger crossing facilities, to make life easier for all passengers, especially the disabled and young families with prams. I have been involved in ensuring this new facility was secured for Montrose Station for many years, and while it disappoints me that it has taken about five years’ discussion with Network Rail, the Montrose public should be delighted that the long wait is nearly over and the lift system is now a reality.”

Councillor Paul Valentine said: “I am delighted that the new facility at Montrose Rail Station is nearing completion. It has been an item on many people’s agenda for some time now and I am pleased that there will soon be a modern facility, that allows disabled passengers to enjoy rail travel from and to Montrose and district. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making this happen.”

And Councillor Bill Duff told us: “This new bridge looks like a substantial piece of engineering. Hopefully it will prove as useful and last as long as the current pedestrian bridge.”

We asked Network Rail for their estimate of when work would be completed, but they had not got back to us by the time the Review went to press.