Scottish Tories welcome NHS whistle-blower line

Nanette Milne, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East, has welcomed the national confidential NHS alert line which will be put in place for NHS staff from today.

The confidential ‘phone line, 0800 008 6112, goes live for NHS staff.

Dr Milne, Shadow Minister for Public Health, said: “Scottish Conservatives have long advocated the establishment of the national confidential NHS helpline and I am pleased that this has been taken forward and will be operation from today.

“It is vital that we build a culture of openness within our NHS where our first class frontline medics can speak out about concerns and suggest improvements.

“I will be pressing SNP Ministers to make sure that all NHS staff are made aware of the new helpline and seek to make sure that all concerns are being fully investigated and addressed by NHS management in the future.”

Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil said all NHS workers should feel able to raise concerns safely and confidentially.

He added that staff should be reassured that health boards would listen.

Mr Neil said: “All areas of concern must be investigated and lessons will be learned to ensure that the NHS in Scotland is providing the best possible service to patients. We already have whistle-blowing policies in place. Staff can be assured that these policies will be enforced and the alert line will give staff the best possible support.”