Setting off to treat teeth in Uganda

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Kerry Rooke, who works with Campbell & Gibb, dental surgeons, John Street, will set off in September to give dental treatment to Ugandans.

Dental nurse Kerry explained that there are people who will be treated by the team she is joining through the charity Dentaid, who have never had dental treatment in their lives.

She requires as much sponsorship as possible, and is delighted with an offer made by members of the town’s Fire Brigade to stage a car wash in the Lidl car park on Saturday, July 6.

One person who will definitely be lending a hand will be Kerry’s husband, Ian, who is a member of the Fire Brigade!

Kerry will fly to London on September 17, and join the other members of the charity’s team.

From London they will fly to Entebe before getting straight to work.

She told the Review: “Some of the people we will be treating will be in considerable pain with toothache, because there are no dental facilities where they live.

“This will include children and adults.”

Kerry will take three suitcases with her, containing supplies such as gloves, anaesthetics and other essential supplies.

Donations can be made by logging on to Kerry’s Facebook giving page.