Support for fever sufferers

HAY FEVER is a particular nuisance to contact lens and glasses wearers who develop itchy, sore and red eyes as pollen counts rise.

In support of National Allergy Week, 11 - 17 April, Specsavers in Montrose is offering specs and contact lens wearers expert advice on how best to care for their eyes during the hay fever season.

Allergy UK Executive Director Lindsey McManus says: ‘With the start of the hay fever season now upon us, symptoms such as sneezing, runny noses, and streaming eyes are about to skyrocket. If you know you suffer from hay fever it’s important to start taking your medication a couple of weeks before your symptoms would usually start, especially in the case of eye drops, as this can significantly reduce the inflammation caused by airborne pollens.’

To book an appointment for an eye examination, please contact Specsavers in the High Street on 01674 679 080.