Toddle Waddle for meningitis funds

THE MENINGITIS Trust is calling on local nurseries and playgroups to join its waddling adventure and organise a Toddle Waddle. Toddle Waddles are short sponsored walks or waddles for the under fives, that could help save a life.

Toddlers will love waddling with the Trust’s mascot Monty the Duck and the other little ducklings. Organising one raises awareness of meningitis amongst childcare staff and parents, helping to protect young lives.

Last year over 13,000 youngsters toddled, waddled, scrambled, tumbled, teetered and ‘push-chaired’ their way to raising nearly £180,000. As the Trust’s biggest fund-raising event, now in its 13th year, it is hoping with the help of local nurseries to make it even bigger and better this year. Every penny of sponsorship raised will make a huge difference to the charity’s work – it relies on events like Toddle Waddle to raise the £8,000 needed every day to fund the growing demand on its services.

Once signed up (online at or by phone on 0845 120 4530) nurseries will be sent a free event pack with everything needed to kick-start their preparation – from colouring-in sheets and duck masks, to dressing-up feet.

Toddle Waddles can be held at any time of year. They can be outside in the play area, garden or at the local park – or even inside.