Two new knees - and a hole-in-one!

IF EVER there was a lesson to anyone dithering about having a knee replacement operation, it is the experience of Alistair McDonald, who has had both knees done.

Alistair (71), Borrowfield Crescent, had one replaced in March and the other in July.

But such as been his steady recovery that he is now getting back to golf - and the other day stood on the tee of the third hole on the Broomfield Course, watching delightedly as his five-wood shot disappeared into the cup.

Alistair was playing with his son, Alan.

He told us: “After the operations, at Stracathro Hospital, I was told to get gently back into the swing of things, and I’ve not yet even played a full round.”

He was a member of the Montrose Mercantile Club, and although he has not joined this year, he is keen to get his sub paid again in 2012.

Alistair worked on the land for most of his working life, and retired from Mackie, Balwylo Farm.

He and his wife, Mary, used to do a lot of walking, but recently he has restricted himself to taking the family border collie out and about.

He said he had been suffering from increasing pain in the knees - not uncommon for someone who has been jumping down from tractors all his working life.

Alistair added: “The knee replacements were really my only hope.

“I’ve been told they will take up to a year to bed in completely, but I’m making good progress.”

And would Alistair recommend anyone swithering about such an operation to go ahead?

He certainly would!