Vasculitis to be discussed

VASCULITIS sufferers in Montrose are getting the chance to gain expert advice and have their questions answered from three leading medical specialists.

The life-threatening vasculitis is an incurable group of disorders which inflame and destroy blood vessels. It affects one in 30,000 people in the UK.

The online consultation has been organised by the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation, Scotland’s first vasculitis charity. The charity was set up in memory of Lauren Currie by her parents, Grant and Adrienne, whose aim is to raise awareness and funds for medical research into this incurable disease. Lauren sadly died from vasculitis last October when she was 15, tragically just 48 hours after she was diagnosed.

Held at 6.30pm on Tuesday, August 30, the ‘webinar’ will give sufferers of vasculitis a chance to speak directly to specialists of this rare disease. Family and friends of those affected by the disease are also welcome to take part and share their stories.

Confirmed speakers are renowned Dr David Jayne who is the director of the Vasculitis Centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge; Dr Paul Brogan, who is senior lecturer in Pediatric Vasculitis at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital; and Dr Marcus Martinez Del Pero who is an ENT surgeon with extensive vasculitis experience.

GPs who wish learn more about the condition are also invited to take part.

Lauren’s Dad, Grant Currie, said: “For victims of this cruel condition it can be very isolating. Yet it is vitally important that they can talk to other sufferers or have access to information on the disease.

“Also it is a great opportunity for those affected to be able to ask questions to our panel of leading vasculitis specialists. If just one person benefits from this online conference it will be worthwhile as it could make a huge difference to these patients’ lives.

“Vasculitis is still a relatively unknown disease and research into it is still at a very early stage. As such a rare disease, researchers are dependent on the likes of Lauren’s foundation to partly fund research in the For free registration for the online conference visit