Website highlights support services

ANGUS Carers Centre, in conjunction with Zoomba Media, has launched a brand new website aimed at providing information regarding the support services currently offered by Angus Carers Centre throughout Angus.

After many months of hard work the new website is now online and is welcoming for both carers and professionals.

The website has been designed to provide infor-mation to carers on the services offered, as well as signposting other sources of information. Professionals are catered for, and it is hoped that the relaunch of the site will aid in the identification of more carers who remain hidden in our society today. A useful addition is the ability for professional workers to make referrals to the service online, simplifying the process and encouraging more professionals to make referrals. Carers can refer themselves, request support or sign up for many of the activities offered by the centre. The website also contains a link to a Facebook page where carers, and those with an interest in carers’ issues can access up-to-date news and information regarding the service.

Mhairi Blyth, deputy manager of Angus Carers Centre, said: “We hope that carers and professionals will find it useful to access the newly designed site and make use of the Facebook page.

“In a rural area such as Angus, it is important that we continually strive to seek inventive ways to engage with carers and to encourage them to sign up for the many activities we provide, and to make connection with other carers who may be in similar situations to themselves.”