Helicopter flights from Air Station

As part of its centenary celebrations Montrose Air Station has teamed up with HJS Helicopters, Aberdeen, to provide scenic pleasure flights from Montrose providing a unique view of the town and the surrounding area next weekend, July 27 and 28.

There is flexibility about where the flights go, so you might be able to ask the pilot to fly over your house!

The flights are being supported by local firm Napier Helicopters Ltd.

The Helicopter being used is an Modern American built Robinson R44 Raven II with plush interior.

Rotary Wing Flying goes back to Montrose in 1938 when the Chain Home Radar Station at St Cyrus was calibrated by Cierva Avro Autogyros flying from the Air Station and the Maintenance Unit worked on the very first Royal Air Force Sikorsky Helicopters.

It is advisable to pre-book. A short scenic tour is £75 and takes in the town and Lunan Bay.

Longer flights to neighbouring towns are available and are priced by distance.