Help make Montrose bloom

Mid Links
Mid Links

The flowers and shrubs in Montrose have been a hot topic of discussion since Angus Council pruned them from the budget.

The local authority will only be providing floral displays in the High Street, Hope Paton Park War Memorial, Hillside War Memorial and Ferryden War Memorial.

Many other areas with flowers including the Mid Links circles, Montrose Museum, Montrose Library and Sleepyhillock Cemetery, are no longer being funded by the council.

Angus Council said the estimated savings of reducing the areas it plans flowers would be more than £35,000.

It is now up to the community to play a part to come together to make Montrose bloom.

A successful meeting took place on Thursday (April 2), which encouraged local flower groups and individuals to come together for the good of the town to ensure it becomes the colourful display we all love and wish to see.

Three sub groups came out of the meeting. They are: 1, The Mid Links; 2, wildflowers; 3, hanging Baskets.

Each group will be doing all they can to seek out assistance be it expertise, financial, time or equipment and bringing their findings back to the next meeting, which is to take place on Thursday, April 30 at 2 pm in the tea rooms at Mum’s of Montrose, on Castle Place.

If there is anybody who feels they can offer anything or would like to be involved you are invited and will be welcomed into the meeting.