Hero Bamse joins the IT revolution

THE FAMOUS Montrose wartime St Bernard dog, Bamse, has just grabbed yet another claim to fame.

The book about the faithful Second World War Canine Hero has leapt to the top of the best-seller charts of Amazon Kindle e-book sales.

It has gained the coveted number one position in three categories of book sales.

This follows a special offer by Amazon in its Rainy Day Reads promotion, in which the electronic book is marked down to just 99p.

Since its book launch three years ago the story of the famous Second World War sea dog has been a best-seller, firstly as a hardback, then as a paperback and also in its Norwegian translation.

In a rapidly changing world of books, Edinburgh publishers Birlinn decided to release a number of titles on Amazon Kindle in May this year.

Interest and sales have been growing rapidly, and in many cases the electronic versions have been outselling the paper ones.

Co-author Angus Whitson told us: “I am absolutely thrilled with this upsurge in interest in the Bamse story in its Kindle form. All writers have been looking at electronic books with bemused interest, wondering if they will really take over from established hardbacks and paperbacks.

“It is astounding how rapidly the book trade is changing.”

The other co-author Andrew Orr, retired GP and busy local historian, added: “It is amazing how quickly the Kindle market has responded to this promotion and special offer in just a few days.

“It’s very gratifying to see Sea Dog Bamse at the top of the charts for books on history, but in fact interest in the story has never waned since the original book launch three years ago, and it is now selling around the world.

“It’s good for Montrose that this interest is being turned in to increased visitor numbers to the Royal Burgh.”

For details, go to www.amazon.co.uk, and search in books for Sea Dog Bamse.