High Street to be alcohol free zone for MoFest

MoFest is keeping the High Street an alcohol free zone this year

MoFest is keeping the High Street an alcohol free zone this year

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MoFest organisers have announced a zero alcohol message for the High Street event this year, saying licensing the area sends the wrong message.

Anne Jenkins, from MoFest, explained: “In 2014 as part of Event Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink campaign we licensed parts of the High Street to accommodate a broader range of vendors, including some serving craft beer and cocktails.

“While those were fantastic stalls and we understand people do like to have a cheeky Mojito in the sunshine, we do feel licensing the area sends the wrong message and perhaps promotes drinking which is not what MoFest is about.”

The festival celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and organisers are keen that the whole community comes along to support the event. Anne continued: “If you google ‘music festival Scotland’ MoFest is the sixth entry. That’s quite an achievement and it has only been possible because of the phenomenal support the festival gets from the people of Montrose. That’s something for everyone to celebrate.”

MoFest is teaming up with police and Angus Council to promote responsible drinking during the festival weekend.

Anne continued: “There are byelaws in place that prohibit alcohol being consumed on the streets and this is no different during the festival weekend. We will be working with Police Scotland and Angus Council to encourage responsible and appropriate drinking and there will be a clear message – the High Street is an alcohol free zone.

“We are not trying to be the fun Police but there are 25 venues all displaying our official MoFest venue banner taking part in the festival, majority of which are licensed so lets keep the High Street for families.”

This year’s festival will see a number of new bands take part together with the old favourites as organisers have taken an ‘editors pick’ approach to applications this year.

Anne said: “Typically all applications to play the festival go into a listening group made up of members of the public but this year alongside that process the committee have also invited bands they’ve come across throughout the years that we felt would go down well. We really want this year to be about the music so we’ve worked extra hard to get a great collection of acts lined up.”

This year’s festival takes place from Friday, May 26, to Sunday, May 28, opening with Deacon Blue on the East Links, and closing with second headline - The Beach Boys - on the Sunday evening.