Hillside Church sing African songs of praise

HILLSIDE Church is preparing to celebrate the involvement of many Montrosians in projects in Nairobi.

The projects of Nyumbani (meaning ‘home’) have had many successes so far in improving the lives of around 4,000 orphans who are affected in some way with the HIV virus.

Children throughout Kenya have been helped by local fund-raising here in Montrose.

There have been a variety of fund-raising efforts here in Montrose and all donations and monies raised have been either taken personally to Nyumbani by volunteers or transferred directly into their account in Nairobi.

Projects such as The Orphanage which opened in 1992, and is now home to 112 children, have received donations which have helped change lives.

Youngsters who were once not expected to survive have now gone on to finish secondary education and prepare to start tertiary education thanks to appropriate medication, nutrition and care.

The Lea Toto -’raising the child’ - project reaches into the slums of Nairobi and has helped care for over 3,000 children and their families since it began.

Elsewhere in Kenya, an eco-village has been constructed using new building techniques and conservation principles. Six hundred children orphaned by AIDS and their surviving grandparents now live in the village and it is being used as a model for other villages throughout Africa.

Nyumbani have installed the latest hi-tech equipment in their laboratory which means that they can measure the resistance of drug treatment in each child and know when to alter the regime in time for it to remain effective.

To celebrate all of the hard work which volunteers have done in Nairobi, Hillside Church will be holding a Songs of Praise where the entire congregation will form Montrose and District’s biggest ‘African’ choir.

Everyone is invited to attend and for those who would like to learn the African hymns there will be two Sunday evenings, January 23 and 30 at 6.30pm at Hillside Church to learn them in time for the service on February 13.

At the end of February, three Montrose Rotarian volunteers - Alison Stedman, Tracy Park and Jim Coull - will be going to Nairobi as part of a work team and they will take with them any proceeds of a collection made at the Songs of Praise.