Hillside Cubs take part in Young firefighters course in Montrose

The Hillside Cubs are pictured with firefighters at Petrofac in Montrose.
The Hillside Cubs are pictured with firefighters at Petrofac in Montrose.

The Hillside Cubs took part in a Young Firefighters Course at Petrofac, Montrose, with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service last Monday (June 2).

A spokesperson for the 1st Hillside Scout Group said: “The 1st Hillside Cubs would like to say a massive thank you to the Firemen, Firewoman and Petrofac for tonight’s fire training! We all had a fantastic time.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service wished to thank Petrofac, on Forties Road, for allowing them to use their facilities.

The Hillside Cubs took part in a three day course covering teamwork, communication skills, fire safety around the house including fire action plans, practical fire fighting, self rescue techniques and moving around in smoke and darkness.

The first two nights where held at the Montrose Fire Station and the last night was at the Petrofac fire training school.

The impressive fire training facilities at the state-of-the-art Petrofac Montrose fire Training Centre include; Three-storey training module which is principally for simulating offshore and onshore gas and hydrocarbon fire fighting techniques, two-storey training module boasting a full-size helideck for simulating a heavy landing, low impact crash scenario or full scale fire, two-storey simulation production and process module, which simulates fires from wellheads, flanges, ruptured pipe work and vessels which provide experience of gas and hydrocarbon pressure fires and hydrocarbon spills.

There is also an accommodation block for people to practise search and rescue operations in smoke-filled compartments and essential breathing apparatus training.

The Petrofac fire training school also features a helicopter which provides helicopter landing officer training, helideck assistant training and helicopter refuelling.

For further information about Petrofac visit the website at www.petrofactraining.com.