Hillside road plans out for consultation

DESIGN options to cut speeding and improve safety on Hillside’s main street have been put out for consultation.

Five schemes were put to community councillors and local parents at last week’s Hillside and Dun community council meeting following a traffic survey conducted by Angus Council.

Although the study showed there was no major speeding problem, the roads department still felt there was a need for measures to improve safety, particularly for schoolchildren crossing the street to reach Rosemount Primary School.

The move was prompted by parents and nearby residents who raised the matter with Hillside and Dun Community Council in May.

At last week’s meeting the available options were whittled down to two, the plans for which are now available to view in the village Post Office. Local people are being urged to have their say on their preferred design.

If it goes ahead, Main Road would be adapted near the entrance to Dubton Park to feature either two chicanes or a narrowed section with priority given to traffic approaching from one direction.

Parent Jennifer Broadley, who attended last week’s meeting, said the council has “responded excellently” to the problem and that either option would go some way to addressing parents’ concerns.

She said: “I was super-impressed at how the councils have worked together to get a prompt response. The roads officer also said it would be a good idea to keep up the momentum to get the plans to delivery in as short a time as possible and we’re just trying to get community feedback on which is the preferred plan.

“There are certain criteria that have to be met before crossings are installed and considering these weren’t met and there was still action, that’s pretty impressive.”

A council spokeswoman this week confirmed that there was “no justification” for providing either a light-controlled crossing or school crossing patrol.

She said: “However, an Angus Council officer further explained at the meeting that the on-site investigations showed that the existing crossing facilities in Main Road by Park Cottages were not to current design standards. As a result, the head of roads had produced a series of ‘Safe Routes to Schools’ options which were aimed at aiding pedestrian movement whilst incorporating a degree of physical traffic calming that could reduce vehicle speeds.

“It was agreed that an informal consultation be undertaken with the community council and local residents to determine a preferred option. In due course the head of roads will seek the agreement of the infrastructure services committee to consult formally on the preferred option”.

Community council chairwoman Kathleen Ritchie and local councillor David May have both urged resident to view the plans and have their say.

Mrs Ritchie said: “People have until the end of the month to put in their comments. At the end of the day we want to slow traffic down there, outwith school hours too. Once comments have been made they will go to the roads department and the put to the council after that.”