Hillside safety work under way

MEASURES to cut the speed of traffic through Hillside should be in place by next month, a local councillor has said.

Work to install the traffic calming features on Main Road began last week and Councillor David May said that, once finished, they will help improve road safety particularly for local children.

The plans were drawn up after residents complained through Hillside Community Council about the difficulty of crossing the road at busy times because of the speed of traffic.

There were particular fears among parents that children were at risk while making their way to and from Rosemount Primary School and the village park. The council’s plans include the formation of a new footway on the north side of the road, new dropped kerb crossings with associated tactile paving and a raised ‘table’ near the junction of Main Road and Park Cottages. There will also be additional ‘build-outs’ of the kerb line on both approaches a new crossing point.

The overall aim is to improve crossing facilities for school children and elderly residents between Park Cottages and the footpath to Inverarity Crescent.

Councillor May said: “Hopefully the work will be finished in October. I’m delighted that it’s now taking place as it’s a busy road which is used by youngsters going to the school as well as people crossing to the park. It will definitely help to address traffic speed.”