Hillside traffic survey after speeding concerns raised

A NEW survey will be carried out in Hillside this week after concerns were raised over the speed of traffic on the village’s main street.

The move comes after both parents of Rosemount Primary School pupils and nearby residents brought the matter to Hillside and Dun Community Council’s meeting earlier this month.

Local councillors David May and Mark Salmond took the matter up with the roads department after the meeting and held a site meeting on Friday with an Angus Council roads officer and a Hillside community councillor.

Local mother Shona Fraser has also said that she fears for the safety of her eight-year-old daughter Morgan and her friends who have to cross Main Road on their way to the school or village park.

She said she felt Hillside had been “left out” in the provision of traffic calming measures, such as LED displays which show drivers their speed, which have been erected in other Angus villages.

She said: “These villages don’t have play parks and schools close to the road as we do. Parents are very concerned a child is going to be hit.

“Even if a car is being driven at 30mph that will kill a child.”

Mrs Fraser also said that, having talked to other parents, she discovered that a child had already been knocked over.

She said: “What we want to try and do is get LED signs put at each end of the road and also want safe places for children to cross the road, whether that’s pelican or zebra crossings, so they have somewhere they know is safe to go and cross.”

As a result of the councillors’ site meeting, a “black box” speed monitor will be in situ in the village throughout this week.

Mr May said: “Following that meeting of the community council I then raised the matter with the roads division, and as a result a new survey will be conducted this week.

“I have also had discussions with a parent representative and the chair of the community council about the most appropriate position of the black box. Once we have the results of this survey this up to date information will shared and discussed with the community.

“Depending on the results of the new survey, decisions will be made about what action may be appropriate for this stretch of road.”

Mr Salmond also said he is pleased that the black box recorder will be installed as soon as this week.

He said: “Also, it has been agreed that a survey will be carried out to see if this location meets the criteria to allow a pedestrian crossing to be installed.

“Subject to the community council’s agreement, an officer of the roads department will present the results of the traffic survey to a future meeting of the community council.”