Holiday dreams ‘beat Blue Monday’

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Three out of four Brits browse travel websites to cheer themselves up in the bleak winter months, according to new research.

And one in three search the web for holiday inspiration when they should be working.

Today has been labelled ‘Blue Monday’ as researchers say it is the most depressing day of the year.

And almost a quarter of Brits are convinced that a quick browse on travel websites will be enough to given them a boost and they will feel better than they did before.

So-called ‘desktop holidays’ are most popular their month, with around one in three (31 per cent) saying they need to book a holiday to get through January.

Meanwhile over a third of the nation (37 per cent) spend their winter looking back at their old holidays snaps for an instant high.

And holiday-addicts can even sniff substances to get that summer hit - with one in ten admitting to taking the odd whiff of sun cream in secret.

And a quarter of women stockpile new swimwear over the winter in anticipation of the summer months.

For some, the feeling of booking a holiday tops every other natural high with one in eight (12 per cent) saying that booking a holiday is better than sex.

The research,conducted by Airbnb, also found one in 10 would take a holiday over a pay rise or promotion.

Global data from the unique travel website, shows an average of 45 bookings are made each minute in January.

And the length of time Airbnb users are booking for goes up by over a third (36 per cent) this month.

Adventurous browsers are even using the Wish List tool to browse treehouses over stately homes as well as converted vans, igloos, lighthouses and caves.

Top 10 Wish Listed Property Types on Airbnb*

1. Treehouse

2. Igloo

3. Van

4. Lighthouse

5. Cave

6. Island

7. Yurt

8. Train

9. Loft

10. Cabin

* Based on frequency of active listings of host-identified property-type to appear on Wish Lists