Holyrood underspend “should go to A90”

A huge response might just tip the Government into action on a fly-over.
A huge response might just tip the Government into action on a fly-over.

The deadline for putting forward your view on upgrading the junction on the A90 with the road from Marykirk is Saturday (February 28).

Montrose councillor David May, who has for long been aware of the dangers, has made a final plea to anyone who wants a grade-separated junction: either pick up a sheet from Willows Florist, John Street, or comment online at www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/transportation/TransportationStudies.asp [Please note, asp is part of the address.]

All the options relate to grade-separated junctions, and the question is which is the best one.

Mr May said: “This is our opportunity to express our views and show the Scottish Government why we need a junction at Laurencekirk. There has been a massive delay and there is no doubt the Scottish Government have now a very large underspend so there is no excuse not to build a flyover.

“This excellent study is providing them with the evidence and there is no doubt that we need a grade-separated junction. The transport minister has a huge problem because he can’t ignore the evidence. There is no excuse not to build the junction. It shouldn’t be a political issue, it should be a safety issue.”

The A937 is the only A-class road on the A90 without a fly-over at its junction and has long been known as dangerous.

Campaigners have spent 10 years calling for safer grade separation of the junction, but Transport Scotland has failed to commit to any spending.