Hotline for parents

HELP is on hand from a national charity for parents whose children are finding the transition from primary to secondary school more traumatic than expected.

With the new school term now under way, thousands of pupils are making the move to the next stage of their school careers.

While some youngsters take this big change in their stride others, along with their parents, can find it a difficult time.

Many schools and local authorities have arrangements in place to ease the transition process but ParentLine Scotland, the free and confidential helpline and e-mail service provided by Children 1st, is reminding parents and carers they are also available to offer help and advice.

Manager Jill Cook said both parents’ and children’s problems can be discussed with the charity’s trained staff.

Manager Jill Cook said: “Moving on to ‘big’ school can be stressful for both pupils and their parents and carers. Children may have to say goodbye to pals they have been with all the way through primary school. They are no longer the big fish in the wee pond when they move up to high school but instead are surrounded by older teenagers. It can be a scary time for some, especially less confident kids.

“They may have to tackle travelling on public transport for the first time and finding their way round a big school, not to mention learning new subjects and meeting new teachers. Though often the kids themselves are fine, it’s the parents who find it hard to let go and let their offspring develop their independence.

“ParentLine Scotland is for everyone looking after a child or with a concern about a child – no problem is too big or small. It’s free, confidential and anonymous, to make it easier for people to talk through their worries. Sometimes just talking things through with our trained call-takers can make people feel better.”

ParentLine can be contacted by calling 08000 28 22 33 or e-mailing