House of Dun saved from rays of the sun

The House of Dun
The House of Dun

A major initiative in light control at the House of Dun has recently been completed.

New conservation blinds, which filter harmful rays, have been fitted to the south-facing elevation.

John McKenna, property manager, said: “We were delighted when the property was chosen to have this work carried out, as the result of a generous donation to The National Trust Scotland (NTS). The fitting of the blinds has significantly reduced these harmful rays, protecting the collection.

“The spin-off with these new blinds is twofold, previously older blinds would cut out light but also hide the frame of the windows, the new blinds allow more light into the rooms but also allow the visitor to see the proper setting, with a view through the blinds, as William Adam the architect intended.

“The blinds being dark grey are also seen from the roadway and the house now looks ‘open to the public’.”

Ylva Dahnsjo, head of collections conservation services at NTS, said: “We were delighted to include the House of Dun in the distribution of this kind donation. It is a huge leap forward in our conservation and presentation of the property.”