Ideas from 20 limit to pedestrian zone

TOWN Centre traffic management was a topic of discussion at Thursday’s meeting of Montrose Community Council.

The debate was prompted by Angus Council’s recent consultation.

A number of suggestions were made, including installing a zebra crossing on Western Road, between the foot of Hume Street and the Tesco store.

It was said that at times this can be a particularly busy road, and can be awkward for older folk.

Chairman Tommy Stewart said that through-traffic is still using High Street when it should be on the bypass.

One solution to this might be to create a pedestrianised area between the top of Hume Street and the Corner House Hotel.

It was recalled that a previous suggestion to pedestrianise part of High Street had not met with approval from local shopkeepers.

Councillor Sandy Munro wondered if the High Street speed limit should be reduced from 30 to 20 mph. However, Police Sergeant Hamish Gray said that a 20 limit is only advisory.

Parking on double yellow lines in George Street was mentioned.

The almost permanent line of cars shuffling forward in the car park at the Ball House, waiting for a space to become free, was commented on although no solution was offered.