Idiot drivers spoil Montrose playing fields and golf course

Police Constable Robert Hosking shows the damage caused by the vandals.
Police Constable Robert Hosking shows the damage caused by the vandals.

Irresponsible vandals have caused £1000 worth of damage by driving on playing fields in Montrose.

They have left tracks and deep marks by performing hand brake turns and doughnuts on ground adjacent to the Roselea Junior Football Club pitches.

These are used by amateur teams and welfare teams who occasionally rent Roselea’s dressing rooms.

Roy Gill, general manager of the football club, said: “We saw the pictures on Facebook of the damage but we have not been affected ourselves.

“What drives people to do this?

“Our gates are locked to try to prevent this happening to us.”

The drivers apparently entered the fields at gaps in the wooden bollards or knocked them over, giving no thought to the football players who now can’t practise.

There are tracks across huge areas of the fields and lumps of mud have been left at the scene.

Police Constable Robert Hosking said: “The council say it’s going to cost around £1000 to rectify the damage.

“I have heard it’s happened before here. These people are ruining it for the community of Montrose.”

The tracks can be seen across most of the playing area between the goal posts.

The 5th Medal Green at the golf course has also seen tracks appear and a padlock was burst at the gates beside the Broomfield Aerodrome.

The police are anxious to catch the person or people responsible.

If you noticed anyone driving on the playing fields ring 101.