Improvements across the board

ANGUS Council Social Work and Health committee learned of a variety of improvements in the service during the past year when it met recently.

The committee noted a series of annual reports relating to aspects of social work and heard there have been significant improvements.

These included single point of contact set up of all adult protection concerns, the development of a pilot supported lodging scheme for care leavers, improvements in the numbers of reports submitted to the Children’s Hearing panel within the agreed timescale and a significant reduction in the number of people admitted to residential placements.

The reports also highlighted the increasing number of young people being supported in their home or other family placement rather than in residential care, the development of an Angus dementia improvement plan and the establishment of a learning partnership to help children affected by parental substance misuse.

During the year the department also issued 9,076 items of occupational therapy equipment to service users, supported 212 people with a learning disability into education, training, volunteering and employment and secured £3.86 million in additional benefits for Angus residents

Committee convener Councillor Glennis Middleton said: “I am also pleased to see that the element of our budget which we can control sees an underspend of £75,000 or 0.12% which is remarkably good. We are planning to carry forward most of this underspend to fund the capital works at East Mary Street, Arbroath and Broomfield resource centres for children and families.”