In my view

THERE seems to have been an increase in stories about so-called cyber bullying over the last couple of months.

While bullies were once confined to the playground or the workplace their victims now have no escape as their online lives also become a target.

Comments are all too easy to leave on social networking sites such as youtube, facebook and twitter, but people seem to forget that words, whether spoken or on a screen, can sting deeply.

They also seem to forget that quite often these words are out there for the whole world to read. Even once deleted, website admin or in some cases even the police can find comments that bullies have left.

So why do bullies bother in the first place?

Are their own lives really that dismal that they have to spend almost all of their free time trying to make that of others a misery?

I know that facebook at least has some sort of alarm system where users can report any abusive behaviour but it shouldn’t even be happening in the first place.

Bullying behaviour online seems to have even developed into mass mobs ganging up on people they don’t even know. The recent furore around teenage singer Rebecca Black goes to show that.

Okay so the song is rubbish but what harm, really, is it doing to anyone? Some of the comments posted on youtube have just been disgusting. And all that directed at a 13-year-old girl who hasn’t really harmed anyone?

Get a grip, people, seriously.