In My View

YOU HAVE to sympathise with Donald Trump. His vision for the “world’s best golf course” takes shape on the north east coast and someone else has the temerity to propose an offshore windfarm a few miles away.

Actually, don’t feel compelled to sympathise. Few if any of his neighbours with whom there has been, for want of a better expression, some friction, probably do.

This, said Donald, will spoil the view from his perfectly manicured and not at all natural £750 million development. He had been assured by the Scottish Government, he said, that such a travesty would not be allowed to happen. His neighbours at Menie probably had pretty much the same thoughts, living as they did next to a protected environment which is now being shaped into Donald’s idea of Paradise. Of any sign of empathy, there doesn’t seem to be much.

The toys are now well and truly out the pram. In a letter of complaint to the First Minister he said: “Unfortunately, instead of celebrating the start of something valuable and beautiful for Scotland, this ugly cloud is hanging over the future of the great Scottish coastline.”

No stranger to ugly things hanging over his head, Donald has taken it further and in best Braveheart fashion is now claiming to fight the proposal “for the benefit of Scotland”. Absolutely nothing to do with image and profits. In best schoolboy fashion, he’s also threatening to take his metaphorical ball home and walk away from the project if the turbines get the go ahead. Never shy of playing the “Scottish roots” card when it suits him, he could do worse than note the words of Robert Burns: “O would some Power the giftie gie us, To see ourselves as ithers see us!”

I wonder if anyone has pointed out that loss of visual amenity isn’t a planning consideration...