Infirmary inspection report published

Arbroath Infirmary
Arbroath Infirmary

The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) today (Tuesday) published its report relating to an announced inspection visit to Arbroath Infirmary on March 2.

The HEI inspection team examined NHS Tayside’s self-assessment information and then visited the hospital to meet patients and staff, and to inspect wards and departments to assess cleanliness and to check that the hospital meets national standards.

The inspection focused on the community midwifery unit, the medical ward, and the renal dialysis surveillance unit. The team also carried out patient interviews and collected patient questionnaires.

As a result of the inspection, two requirements were issued for the infirmary - the first is ensuring staff comply with the guidelines for hand hygiene, the use of personal protective equipment and waste management within the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual. The second requirement relates to the cleaning of patient equipment.

Claire Sweeney, Interim Director of Quality Assurance for Healthcare Improvement Scotland, said: “In this announced inspection we found that the hospital environment was clean. All staff demonstrated good knowledge on the handling of blood and body fluid spillages and good awareness of their requirements for infection control education.

“We have also highlighted areas where further improvements are required. Staff must ensure clinical waste is stored in a locked area, away from public access. In addition, all patient equipment must be clean and ready for use. We will continue to monitor Arbroath Infirmary to ensure that standards of safety and cleanliness continue to improve.”

NHS Tayside welcomed the inspection report. Chief Executive of NHS Tayside Lesley McLay said: “We are already taking action to address the areas for improvement highlighted in this report. We are organising targeted education sessions for staff and will be carrying out spot checks to ensure the requirements of this report are met.

“Our frontline staff work hard every day to ensure person-centred, safe and effective care for all our patients and their families and the improvements are down to the commitment of our staff.

“We will not, however, become complacent as we know it is essential that we keep striving to improve on what we do every day to ensure we get that care right for every patient every single time.”