Inspired by landscape

AN UNUSUAL art exhibition will be mounted in Montrose Library throughout May by local artist Bern Ross.

Entitled ‘Bern Ross: Inspired by Scotland’ the display will illustrate “a journey condensed” which has been influenced heavily by Scotland’s climate, terrain and people.

Although she trained in art more than 40 years ago in East Anglia and was brought up by an artist, life took Bern into related careers including teaching, writing and publishing.

She said: “In 2007 we relocated to north east Scotland and suddenly I was seeing my surroundings with new eyes. I really wanted to paint again as I walked in the hills with my husband and along the cliffs in all weathers. The changing skies, the way the sea transforms in moments, the quickly disappearing horizon with the coming and going of mist and of course the seasons, the colours, the scenery: it continues to be breathtaking and constantly inspires me.”

Among the canvases and drawings on show there will be pieces plucked from Bern’s own imagination, semi-abstracts, stylised line drawings, modern textured work and some fun pieces. She has a special interest in how the lie of the land imitates the human form and to this end she combines shape, form and colour to create landscape.

“I paint about two pictures a week. I’ve always been prolific in my creative pursuits, so Montrose Library Exhibition space is ideal.” Sales are processed through the library desk.

The exhibition, which opens at the beginning of May, will be open with free admission during library opening hours.