Into Film at Montrose Academy

The pupils are pictured at the Into Film club at Montrose Academy.
The pupils are pictured at the Into Film club at Montrose Academy.

Into Film Scotland has launched an ambitious and exciting initiative which puts film at the heart of children and young people’s learning.

Supported by the BFI (British Film Institute) and other film and education organisations, Into Film’s wide reaching and inclusive ‘See, Think, Make. Imagine’ programme seeks to make a step change in film learning for five to 19-year-olds, and will provide opportunities for children and young people to engage with film critically and creatively in and outside the classroom.

Montrose Academy is already benefiting from Into Film’s film club, where pupils have the opportunity to watch, discuss, review and learn, through a wide variety of films (including features, documentaries, shorts, and foreign language films).

Into Film is now inviting more schools and colleges in the area to join the initiative where they will be able to receive professional training and online resources to make their own films, plus access to curriculum linked resources. For further information about Into Film visit and find out how to start a film club at

Cameron Halsalll, a teacher at Montrose Academy who runs the film club, told the Review: “Janice Kennedy started the club a few years ago, but due to the normal pressures of teaching, the club stalled.

“When I started at the Academy as a probationer two years ago, I was keen to start up an after school club with leanings towards anime and world cinema, and after building up a good following in that area, I decided it would be useful to branch out to more mainstream films to appeal to more pupils. Vicky Denyer has taken it on as a separate club from mine though we compliment each other and plan to join up for activities.

“Into Film provides a range of DVDs to be sent out to us that we show to the kids along with discussion starters and activities. Myself and Vicky both love movies, and see the potential to build good relationships with pupils and encourage friendships amongst them based around a mutual love of film.”