Is there a time capsule?

THE REVIEW received an interesting request a few days ago, with regard to a possible time capsule buried in the vicinity of Borrowfield Community Centre.

Community centre secretary Kirsty Stewart asked if we had any information about a time capsule that members had heard about, but of which there were no definite details.

And that included basic information, such as exactly where the capsule is!

Kirsty has been told that it might be under the car park.

This in itself leads to a complication, as she tells us the car park is due to be re-tarred in the near future.

She said: “I am of the understanding the capsule could date to 1974.”

Kirsty went on: “We are looking to see if the Montrose Review readers have any information regarding a possible time capsule.”

The committee is also interested in finding out how funds were raised to build the centre, located in Newhame Road, and details of the actual construction.

For example, what did the site look like before the centre was built? Who was the builder? Does anyone remember being part of the construction team?

If you can help, please call Kirsty on her mobile, number 07854 598295.

Alternatively you can contact the chairman, Shirelle Kelly, on 07899 765703.

The community centre’s number is 01674 671524.

It is always fun to speculate on what might be inside a time capsule.

A copy of the Montrose Review - of course! There might be records or casettes of music of the day, a few coins, and perhaps photographs of the area, and of various parts of the town as they were 35 or more years ago.