Is your driving good enough to re-sit a test? Many people fear they couldn’t

HOW MANY people in Montrose could re-sit their driving test and pass?

According to statistics produced by the AA, around 17 million drivers think they would struggle with a driving re-test.

One fifth think parallel parking would be the hardest manoeuvre to perform correctly.

One in 10 do not think they would pass a re-test at all!

An AA/Populous poll reveals that half of all drivers would struggle with at least one part of the driving test if they had to re-sit it.

Parallel parking would be the hardest thing to get right in a re-test, with women (32 per cent) twice as likely as men (16 per cent) to admit it.

Men (nine per cent) were nearly twice as likely as women (five per cent) to say driving at an appropriate speed would be their downfall.

One in 20 of Welsh drivers thought they would struggle with reversing around a corner.

But, drivers from the West Midlands and Scotland were even more likely to be hesitant about this manoeuvre, with nine per cent saying they would find it hard.

Londoners (16 per cent), were the least likely to say parallel parking would be the manoeuvre they would find hardest to do to test standard, perhaps because they have to practise it more.

Drivers from eastern England (25 per cent), Yorkshire and Humberside (25 per cent) and East Midlands (24 per cent) were the most likely to choose parallel parking.

London drivers lived up to their aggressive reputation, with almost one in 20 (four per cent) saying that keeping a safe distance would be the hardest thing to do.

Use of mirrors highlighted a big difference among age groups with 12 per cent of 18-to-24-year-olds saying it is the thing they would find hardest to do correctly in a re-test, compared to just one per cent of over-65s.

Other results from the AA/Populus research showed that 11 per cent of UK driving licence holders think they think they are “quite” or “very” unlikely to pass a re-test at all.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “It is alarming to think so many drivers out there think there is at least one aspect of driving that they would struggle to do to the standard required to pass a driving test.

“Being able to manoeuvre correctly, making proper observations and keeping a safe distance and speed are all very important parts of driving safely. But this research and the latest series of Dangerous Drivers’ School shows just how many drivers out there are not keeping their skills up to date.

“Driving is a skill for life and, although it is easy to let bad habits form after your test, drivers should make sure their skills are kept polished.”

The AA has been involved in the production of a Channel 5 series, ‘Dangerous Drivers School’, which includes in its run contributions from actor Melvyn Hayes, former-Apprentice contestant Kate Walsh and author and former MP Edwina Currie.