Is your mobile in a black hole?

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The Countryside Alliance is asking people to become ‘phone detectives and help it map real phone reception rates across the UK.

Angus MP Mike Weir agrees and said: “Everyone pays the same for their ‘phone package but reception is very variable. There are many areas of Angus, and not just the rural areas, where the signal is very bad or nonexistent.

“The Government and ‘phone companies need to take notice of this fact and ensure that no one is missed out from the mobile network.”

The Countryside Alliance is asking people to download the free RootMetrics app onto their smartphone or tablet and use it at home as well as when out and about.

The app tests the strength of the signal and records the result. It can be used to check which company provides the best service in an area. The information will be used to make the case to phone companies and the Government to improve mobile reception.

Mr Weir added: “I would ask everyone who experiences variable signals to consider downloading the app. This will enable the campaign to have the best possible information to take to the Government and phone companies.”

For further information on the app and to see results so far, visit