Issues raised at Montrose Community Council meeting

he issue of dog mess was raised at the recent Montrose Community Council meeting.
he issue of dog mess was raised at the recent Montrose Community Council meeting.

The recent Montrose Community Council meeting on Tuesday (April 29) saw a number of important issues raised.

Dog fouling, flowers and the spine road were all hot topics for conversation.

Local Councillor David May attended the meeting. He said: “I took part in the monthly meeting tonight of Montrose Community Council at the local sports centre. The excellent meeting started with a short presentation by Alistair Brown who is the Senior Community Warden with Angus Council. Alistair outlined his role and explained in some detail what his staff did with regard to dog fouling.

“Several issues emerged such as the inadequacy of the fine which seems to have remained at £40 since the legislation was established about 11 years ago. This small amount means that councils are reluctant to take this to the procurer fiscal as it costs them more to do this than they would get back once the fine was paid.

“It also seems that if the dog mess is bagged and then thrown away the fine can be £80 as it is then classified as litter.

“This seems absurd to me as does the fact that the fine is so small. I have contacted some of our MSPs and the justice minister about this as I believe the fine for dog ruling should be at least doubled, but there is no doubt in my view that the legislation needs to be tightened.”

The meeting looked at an exciting flower project an excellent way forward to improve the town.

Mr May then spoke about the proposed spine road and the potential benefits to Montrose and area with regard to jobs but also the fact that this might have helped to save the old customs house quay.