It’s a dog’s life at Probus Club

MONTROSE and District Probus Club met recently and had hoped to welcome Ian Robb from the Angus Dog Rescue Centre at Kinaldie, near Arbroath, but due to illness he had to call off.

However his wife, Heather, and another colleague, animal psychologist Lesley Connelly, attended in his place. The ladies gave a most interesting account of their work with stray and abandoned dogs. All work is done by volunteers at the rescue centre, and stray and unwanted dogs are cared for and if possible, are rehomed elsewhere.

Strict checks are undertaken to gauge the suitability of the new owners, and their surroundings, for not all candidates who might want to possess a dog are deemed to be suitable. The centre is grateful to supermarkets like Morrison’s in Arbroath and Tesco in Montrose who have facilities in their premises for collecting donations of dog food, as all food is donated. Vets bills can be very expensive, and fund-raising events are held to help defray expenses.

It was pointed out that while some breeds of dog have had an unfortunate press, it is really the owners who need to be trained and educated rather than the animals themselves.

We use dogs for a variety of purposes – sniffer dogs, guide dogs, guard dogs and some people actually try to make their dogs almost human in their reactions. Certain breeds tend to enhance the owner’s personality and certain people find themselves happier with certain breeds of dog.

Dogs have amazing memories and respond to vowel sounds. Some animals have had traumatic experiences in the past, some have been badly neglected or ill-treated, but if given a new chance and a new home, they can quickly forget their past and move on to a happier future.

Members were grateful to Heather and Lesley for filling in at short notice and giving an insight into the work they do with abandoned and vulnerable pets.