Jessica wins William Lamb contest

The Friends of William Lamb held the 33rd William Lamb Children’s Modelling Competition recently.

The overall winner of the 2014 Lamb Medal was Jessica Aitken of Borrowfield Primary School.

A special prize was awarded to Yara Toma, the youngest ever entrant.

The results were: Group 1 - 1, Jessica Aitken, Borrowfield PS; 2, Ross Warden, Borrowfield PS. Group 2 - 1. Josh Thornton, Borrowfield PS; 2, Hamish Bridges, Southesk PS; 3, Gregory Young, St Margaret’s PS. Group 3 - 1, Molly Flannagan; 2, Melody Roger and Darcy Reid, Borrowfield PS; 3, Tamara Toma, St Margaret’s PS, and Rowan Walker, Rosemount PS.