Kenyan athletes support house build Montrose men have been involved in

Darren Cocker and Paul McDonald building one of the homes
Darren Cocker and Paul McDonald building one of the homes

Kenyan athletes have given their support to the building of new homes in the country with which two Montrose men have been involved.

Darren Cocker and Paul McDonald travelled to Africa earlier this month to join a group of other volunteers to build five new houses for families in Iten, a town in the Elgeyo-Marakwet County of Kenya.

One of the new homes

One of the new homes

The construction of the five homes in nine days was organised by charity Gathimba Edwards Foundation.

The houses were completed on Tuesday and were officially opened by Kenyan long-distance runners Mary Keitany, Linet Masai, Joyce Chepkirui and Wilson Kipsang.

Kipsang helped the volunteers in the building one of the homes.

Darren said: “It has been a great effort by everyone. We’ve all been up at 6am every morning and hard at work in the baking heat.

“Some of the children we are building these houses for aren’t in school because they can’t afford the fees but they are so content playing with old tyres.

“On a usual day we have around 20 kids come to visit us and they are amazed at what we are doing and excited at the sweets, lollies and bubbles we have been giving out.

“Some of the locals volunteered to help with the build, a few of which are coming to Aberdeen in February for a fundraising dinner at Ardoe House.

“Wilson Kipsang is attending as one of the guest speakers. He was also helping us build the other day.

“Our team of 25 have done an amazing job and I am extremely proud to be part of this year’s team and what we have achieved.

“We also attended a traditional Kenyan wedding, which was amazing.”