Landlords reminded about fire safety

THE NATIONAL Landlords Association (NLA) is reminding all landlords to carry out thorough fire risk assessments and to ensure their properties present a low fire risk.

Electrical Fire Safety Week, which began on Monday, aims to raise awareness of fire safety in the home and the importance of mitigating fire risk.

The NLA is reminding landlords that they have a duty of care to their tenants.

They recommend that landlords carry out regular fire risk assessments to identify what fire hazards exist, the level of risk to occupants and visitors and what can be done to mitigate and control risks.

In addition to carrying out regular fire risk assessments, landlords are required to ensure any furnishings provided adhere to the fire safety standards and ensure the property has adequate escape routes.

The NLA recommends that all residential properties have a smoke or fire alarm system.

Assessments can be carried out by local authorities, specialist companies or the landlord themselves and can be enforced by the local fire authority or the local authority.

Richard Price, director of operations at the NLA, says: “It is essential that landlords understand their obligation to provide safe properties for their tenants.

“Whether they let a house of multiple occupation or a one bedroom flat, landlords should look to conduct a fire risk assessment before a tenancy commences and comply with fire safety legislation throughout the tenancy.”