Learning to use Facebook to publicise Montrose dog


A GROUP of local history enthusiasts have recently sought expertise from the Angus College Montrose learning centre to explore the world of Facebook and how it can be used to raise the profile of local legend Sea Dog, Bamse.

Authors of the book ‘Sea Dog Bamse: World War II Canine Hero’, Angus Whitson and Andrew Orr, approached the college to suggest a class for those new to the hugely popular social networking site Facebook.

Staff at the college’s learning centre were happy to help and organised a one-day crash course on Facebook.

The class the gentlemen attended covered how to set up a profile or a page, how to use the profile settings and importantly what privacy settings are available.

With a little help from College tutors, Messrs Whitson and Orr were able to set up a Facebook page for Sea Dog Bamse which will be used as resource for any information or events.

Mr Orr commented: “We were keen to find out how we could use Facebook as an alternative to setting up a website to take the story of Sea Dog Bamse online.

“The book is also now available for Amazon Kindle which represents another move on-line for Sea Dog Bamse.

“We would like to thank College staff for their help and support in arranging this tuition for us.”

The page can be found by logging on to Facebook.com and searching ‘Sea Dog Bamse’.