Legion roof needs repairs

The Montrose Branch of RBLS say the roof of its clubrooms needs repairs
The Montrose Branch of RBLS say the roof of its clubrooms needs repairs

Serious concerns have been raised about repairs to the roof of the Royal British Legion Scotland clubrooms in Montrose which could cost thousands of pounds.

The issue of an ongoing problem of the flat roof area which continues to have leaks was brought up by legion members at the branch’s meeting on Monday, February 17.

Several contractors have been contacted to rectify the problem over the past three years, costing the branch thousands of pounds from its funds it says it cannot afford.

Recent quotes for the repairs range from almost £10,500 down to £5,8000.

Ian J A Robb, legion member, said: “This would leave the branch penniless.

“A whole number of excuses seem to be presented as to why the problem is not resolved, and no company can provide a competent authority to advise on a permanent solution.

“The committee has decided to appeal to the local authority Public Works Department to assist in trying to help resolve the problem.”

Mr Robb is also calling for new members to join the Montrose branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland (RBLS).

He said: “Concern has been expressed at the low number of serving and ex-service personnel in the community that seem to forget that we are a charitable organisation who are there to help former servicemen and women in times of need. Such help can only be offered if a strong membership exists.

“We fully appreciate the regimental and corps societies that exist to support their past members, but it is the national organisations, such as the RBLS and Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association (SSAFA), that have to be turned to where it is beyond the societies capabilities.

“These organisations do not receive contributions from the Exchequer, and rely on donations to continue their work.

Mr Robb concluded: “Come on ladies and gentlemen who have served, we need your support and membership now.”