Lifeboat crew in ‘tombstone’ drama

Generic picture of tombstoning craze
Generic picture of tombstoning craze

After a busy day at the Festival of Heroes the Arbroath Lifeboat crew were called into action again after a ‘‘tombstoning’’ incident went wrong.

Both the Lifeboat and Inshore Lifeboat responded to an incident on Saturday evening after two youths were reported to be trapped by the sea on rocks close to the ‘Horseshoe’ area of Arbroath cliffs.

A request for assistance was received from HM Coastguard shortly after 6.30pm and both lifeboats were launched within minutes.

The volunteer RNLI crews were quickly on scene and the youths were recovered onto the inshore lifeboat before being transferred to the all-weather vessel and brought safely back to the lifeboat station where they were further assessed for the effects of the cold.

Alex Smith, lifeboat operations manager for Arbroath, said of the incident: “After a busy day’s involvement throughout the day on Saturday at the Festival of Heroes event, the crew were called upon again in the evening to recover two youths who had become trapped by the water and were starting to feel the effects of the lowering temperature.

“Thankfully they were recovered and brought safely back to the lifeboat station.”

Coastguard teams from Arbroath, Carnoustie, Montrose and St Andrews were all involved in the rescue operation and the incident has been reported to police.

It is understood the duo had been participating in the dangerous pastime of ‘tombstoning’ - jumping from cliffs or other high points into a body of water.