Links Park capacity increase ratified by Civic Licensing

ANGUS Council’s Civic Licensing Committee has been formally notified of an amendment to the Safety Certificate for Links Park, as a result of improvements to the ground.

The maximum number of spectators in the West Covered Stand is now 1,582, compared to 857 previously.

There has also been a marginal increase in the maximum number allowed in the South Stand, now 1,334 as opposed to 2,324.

Permanent crush barriers have been installed at certain sections of the terracing which allowed the change to be made.

The work was completed in time for the visit of Rangers on December 15.

At that time, club chairman Mr Derek Sim said that in addition to the new crowd barriers, exit gates and fencing had been renewed.

Section 26 of the Fire Safety and Safety of places of Sport requires that a general safety certificate be issued where applicable.

The amended safety certificate was issued under Section 4 of the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975.

A total of 4,205 spectators saw the Rangers game, which the visitors won by four goals to two.